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PDF VERSION 2020 Rodeo Queen Study Cards

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What is new in the 2020 set of Rodeo Queen Study Cards? 

A section created by former MISS RODEO AMERICAS!  Enjoy reading about how these women achieved their dream of becoming Miss Rodeo America. (I would have given my left leg and maybe a pair of Justin Boots to have this when I was queening!)

Also, the profit from the 2020 Rodeo Queen Study Cards will go to the Miss Rodeo America Scholarship Foundation!

****They will ship March 1, 2020****

Rodeo Queen Study Cards have been created by Selena Ulch Pope, Miss Rodeo America 2005, since 2006. Creating a study material for rodeo queens has been a quest for Selena for the past 14 years and they just keep getting better! New sections have been added over the years, the cards have been reviewed and improved by PRCA Veterinarian of the Year, Dr. Joe Coli, and in 2020 a collaboration of former Miss Rodeo Americas gave way to a new section of wisdom/advice and personal stories! 


I hope you enjoy expanding your rodeo knowledge through the study of these flashcards! 

  • Compact yet comprehensive. Each card is 3.5"x8.5". 
  • Hundreds and hundreds of questions! 
  • Answers are on the back! 
  • Set aside the ones you've mastered and hold on to the ones needing more attention. They come with 2 pins to enable this.
  • 8 Sections:
  1. Learn From The Best (Former MRAs answer questions like "What led to your success?" and "Can you share a funny story from your year?")
  2. Rodeo Knowledge
  3. Horsemanship
  4. Rodeo Queen Prep
  5. PRCA Rulebook
  6. Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association/Wrangler NFR
  7. Agriculture
  8. My Personal Study (Blank cards for you to add your own information to.)

    *** If you have an older version and you want to upgrade, I suggest selling the previous edition to someone who is just getting started at a discount and put the money toward getting a new set. I wish I could just sell and "update", but I totally revise every year and it is just too hard to weed out what was changed and what was not. 


    Why is there a section of AGRICULTURE? This section outlines the processes, equipment and procedures of ranch life. It also highlights important issues and current events related to agriculture. I feel this is important because rodeo and agriculture go hand in hand. You cannot represent rodeo and not be in touch with agriculture, as you also represent the farmers and ranchers of rural America. Say you visit an inner city elementary school, YOU may be the only agricultural influence in those children's lives! I am passionate about agricultural awareness and education! I hope you'll join with me and commit to be a voice for the men and women who feed the world!

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