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*Best Deal Bundle* The Naughty Pony AND Rope Like Dad

*Best Deal Bundle* The Naughty Pony AND Rope Like Dad

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Grandma Patsy wanted to buy the perfect pony for her grandsons. She imagined how they could learn to rope and ride if they but only had the perfect horse. After consulting the Classified Ads in the local newspaper, she came across the perfect pony. The equine superstar had done it all and had an impeccable resume of talents and abilities. She eagerly signed the check, but when Fletcher would not load in the trailer, the first red flag should have gone up. Upon finally getting Fletcher home, it became clear that his resume had been padded and the pony was downright naughty! 

Enjoy the story of Fletcher The Naughty Pony and his signature moves. Each naughty trick has been put to rhythm and rhyme while the illustrations give the reader chuckling visuals. Children and adults alike can get a laugh at Grandma Patsy's expense. And no, this book is NOT dedicated to Fletcher, but instead to the best ponies we ever had. This book is dedicated to Corndog and SixPack!


Enjoy watching a determined young cowboy aspire to become a team roper like his dad! From swinging a rope as soon as he started to walk, to roping with the professionals, this story emphasizes the role that hard work plays in achieving our goals. Although, this story definitely has a western flare, its wholesome principles can be extrapolated to all parent-child relationships. 

Rhyming throughout and fantastic illustrations keep children glued to the pages. When the words come to life, they have been known to make many an eye tear up. All human kind can related to watching a child grow and excel and eventually become a product of their mentoring!

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